terça-feira, 14 de outubro de 2014

VÍDEOS - ZOE JAKES na Renaissance Faire


The words you could hear after the performance, were, AWESOME! BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC, INTOXICATING, ETHEREAL... that was from all sexes, age groups, and nationalities. 

It was super-inspiring to me in an artistic sense, making me want to create animations, drawings, and paintings based on the theme. I am still working on them now! I must admit that I did like the old costumes better that the dancers wore, which were of different colors; green, red, orange, blue, etc, I think they were? I guess the all black was to produce more a sense of consistency maybe? I wish I know who they were so I could thank them for such breathtaking performances! 

I shot this video at one of the Renaissance Faire's in California (Glen Helen) a number of years ago. I think it was 2005? Please correct me if I am wrong? (The event is no longer held there sadly). That was an awesome event! The atmosphere was perfect. Notice "Zoe Jakes" in this video! She is one of the super-awesome dancers! 

I shot this video with a humble Canon ZR45MC Mini-DV camera (hey, that's all I could afford). I mounted it on a tripod, and we made sure to get a place right at the front seating area. The seats would fill up super-fast with this show! People would be left standing, and spilling out into the rest of the Fair area. Occasionally, people in the audience would wander in front of my camera, but hey, what can you do about that! :-( I had no training in filming at the time, although very keen! It was annoying when the tripod sticks a little when you are trying to smoothly pan across, or the zoom was too abrupt, and I only had one shot at this! Literally! This is only a 15 minute portion of the whole performance due to YouTube's restrictions on length of video. (Mark Trappett)

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