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Lista dos Movimentos do ATS®

List of ATS Moves

Sometimes a complete list is hard to find, so here it is, in alphabetical order! Apparently Carolena has recently approved more moves, but they will not be taught until they come out in the next instructional DVD.

* = level one ** = level two

Slow moves:

arm undulations *
barrel turn
belly flutters
belly rolls
bodywave *
camel walk **
circle step *
corkscrew turn **
floreo *
head slides **
puja **
propeller turn ** 
reverse turn **
ribcage rotation **
reverse taxeem **
sahra turn
taxeem *
torso twist *
walking bodywave **
walking taxeem **
wrap around turn

Fast Steps:

arabic *
arabic hip twist **
arabic orbit
arabic shimmy **
   w/arms and turn **
   w/arms and turn and fade and circle
arabic 123
arc arms **
double back w/half turn
double bump **
chico four corners
egyptian step *
  w/ half turn *
egyptian full turn
ghawazee shimmy combo **
pivot bump-choo choo *
   w/ arm 1, w/ arm 2 *
reach and sit **
reverse shimmy
shimmy *
shoulder shimmy-hip drop combo **
single bump **
   w/half turn
turkish shimmy **
   w/quarter turn + half turn **
turkish shimmy
   w/arms and turn
   w/arms and circle
up2 down3 **
   w/half turn+flourish
wet dog


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DRILLS (Para treinar) - Propeller, Corkscrew and Tribal...

Publicado em 23 de nov de 2012
The next installment of ATS/ITS drills with Tribal Moon - Turns: Propeller, Corkscrew & Tribal Moon Barrell (aka Bolero Barrel) with Passes