sexta-feira, 1 de maio de 2015

DRILLS - Hip Bump | Pivot Bump

Hip Bump - Pivot Bump faz parte do repertório de ITS do WildCard BellyDance, e o vídeo explicado por Seba Blanchard.

Seba from WildCard BellyDance teaches Hip Bump (also known as Pivot Bump) This move includes the Arc-turn and is demonstrated leading from both the right and left hips. This move is demostrated as taught in the WildCard BellyDance Group Improv (ITS/ATS) format.

Seba From WildCard BellyDance continues teaching the finger symbol pattern to Hip Bump (also known as Pivot Bump) as well as transitioning from Basic Egyptian into hip bump. The instruction ends with multiple examples of the move performed by WildCard BellyDance