terça-feira, 8 de março de 2016

DRILLS - The Core Moves (the Basic 12)

Most bellydancing is derived from one or more of the following 12 movements, along with their many variations. By practicing the "Basic 12", you'll master the core movement vocabulary for all styles of traditional and modern belly dance.

1) Hip Twist
2) Hip Bump (Hip Thrust)
3) Up & Down Hips

4) Hip Figure 8's
5) Basic Hip Circle
6) Vertical Hip Circle

7) Horizontal Ribcage Circle
8) Diagonal Ribcage Circle
9) Vertical Ribcage Circle With Undulation

10) Arm Waves
11) Shoulder Rotations With Arm Ripples (Snake Arms)
12) Head Slide

View video clips of belly dance instruction.

'The Basic 12' core moves are taught in the Bellydance! Magical Motion DVD.
Advanced belly dancing moves are taught in the Bellydance! Slow Moves andBellydance! Fast Moves.