sábado, 19 de abril de 2014


As dicas foram para iniciantes:  
- Básicos do repertório rápido: Egyptian (half turn), Arabic, Pivot Bum e Shimmy - vídeo #3  
- Básicos do repertório lento: Taxeen, Body Wave, Floreos - vídeo #8 
- vídeo#6

Então, optei por postar todos os vídeos de drills aqui para vocês. Espero que gostem:

#1: FCBD® Combo Drill with Anita Drill with Anita
Egyptian, 1/2 turn, Reach and Sit, Double Bump, Single bump with pivot and half turn 
Music: Anathema, by Solace, from the CD Muse Melodic

#2: FCBD® Shimmy Drill with Marsha 
Full combo: Shimmy, Ghawazee Shimmy combo, Shoulder Shimmy, w/levels, Wet Dog 
Music: Fallahi, from the CD Passion Sources

#3: FCBD® Four Basic Fast Moves-Drill with Wendy 
Drill the Egyptian Basic, 1/2 Turn, Arabic, Pivot Bump and Shimmy with | 
Music: Hosanni Oo, by Helm, from the CD 'Itneen'

#4: FCBD® ASWAT Fade Drill with Sandi 
Drill the ASWAT fade with Sandi, Marsha and Anita Full combo: Arabic Shimmy, ASWAT into fades, circling, Reach & Sit, Chico Music: Raqset Il Ollal, from the CD F'il Waha

#5: FCBD® Spin Drill with Wendy 
Drill Calibrated Spins, Wind-up Spins and Resham-ka Spin combo. 
Music: Sout With Spice, by Helm

#6: FCBD® Slow Drill With Kae 
Slow partner passing moves; Sahra and Wrap Around Turns, Barrel, Camel and Torso Twist. Music: Aicha by Khaled on the Sahra

#7: FCBD® Basic Fast Transitions 
Drill the transitions for the 4 basic fast movements with Wendy. 
Music: Hosanni Oo, from the CD 'Itneen'

#8: FCBD® Slow Drill With Sandi 
Taxeem, Walking Taxeem, Body Wave, Walking Body Wave, Hand Floreos 
Music: Kali Sara, from the CD Latcho Drom

#9 Fast follow drill w/Wendy 
Fast moves, quick changes, and spins! 
Music is Short Belly Dance Drum Solo, by Raquy and the Cavemen, from the CD 'Naked'

#10 Fast drill with Anita 
Triple Egyptian, Egyptian Full Turn, Chico Four Corners, Box Step, Arabic Double Turn, Hip Twist Flourish, Sununda, Resham-ka Spin combo. 
Music: Ayoub, by Helm from the CD Tribal Dance Tribal Drums

#11 Slow Drill With Suzanne, Marsha and Sandi 

Walking Taxeem, Walking Body Wave, Corkscrew and Propeller turns, Rainbow, and Loco Camel and fades. Music: Le Rosier Blanc, by Helm, from the CD Muse Melodic

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